Join the EuroSTAR pre conference drink and win a free ticket to the conference

Dear Testers

The 20th time edition of the EuroSTAR conference will be held in November. With Amsterdam as location, two Dutch Online Ambassadors and two country Ambassadors, the Dutch Test scene is very well represented. However, it could be even better …We would  like to see you all at the conference.  It’s a great opportunity to get ideas, to take cognizance of the latest trends and get to know new colleagues.

On Monday, September 17th we (the ambassadors and Qualtech) organize a pre-conference drink. Testers of the Netherlands, whether you’re already planning to come to the conference or not. Come to the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht.  Meet new and known test colleagues, toast on a beautiful conference and … a free ticket to the conference.

Date: September 17
Location: De winkel van sinkel, Oudegracht 158​​, 3511 AZ Utrecht.
Time: 18.00-20.00
Cost:  None, free admission and drinks
Extra: We organize a small quiz, the winner gets a free ticket for EuroSTAR 2012. Registration: send an email to and report with how many people you are attending.

We love to see you,
On behalf of the Dutch ambassadors and the Qualtech team,

Bob Van de Burgt
Derk-Jan de Grood
Nathalie van Delft
Ard Kramer
the Qualtech team


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