The mail man came this morning…

This week seems to be a good week. First I got invites for the Dutch Testing Conference. One of the potential presentations is with Huib Schoots and one with Egbert Bouman. A final section still has to be made. But either way…could be good

This morning the first mail I saw was from Lee. A good to start the day, since it reads:

Congratulations. Your session presentation “Increasing Your Team’s Efficiency with Kanban” has been selected for the StarEast Testing Conference to be held April 29-May 3, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Wow, I have been to the STARwest quite some times. But never was on the STAReast program. This is a wish come true. I’ll be talking about Kanban for Testteams. A favorite topic of mine….

NB: the title of this blog is derived from a song I once wrote when my girlfriend was away. t went something like this:

The mail mane came this morning,
brought be only bills to pay.
And I recall you saying,
you’ll write me every day.

But not today, he didn’t.

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