DEWT2: A good way to spend the weekend


I was very pleased to attend an contribute to the 2nd DEWT workshop. This Peer conference took place on October 5-6th in Hotel Bergse Bossen Driebergen, the Netherlands. Dutch Exploratory Workshop on Testing (DEWT) is a workshop that falls into the series of peer workshops on testing like LAWST, LEWT, SWET and GATE.  The main theme of this peer workshop was: Experience Reports: Implementing Context-Driven Testing.

The attendees were : Markus Gartner (Germany), Ilari Henrik Aegerter (Switserland), Tony Bruce (UK), Gerard Drijfhout, Pascal Dufour, Rob van Steenbergen, Derk Jan de Grood, Joep Schuurkes, Leon Bosma, Bryan Bakker, Lilian Nijboer, Philip-Jan Bosch, Adrian Canlon, Ruud Cox, Philip Hoeben, Zeger van Hese (Belgium), Jeanne Hofmans, Joris Meerts, Ray Oei , Jeroen Rosink, Huib Schoots, Peter Simon Schrijver, Jean-Paul Varwijk.

The video is an impression of the two days.

More info on DEWT can be found on

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