Line up for the 18th Dutch Testing Day

Tuesday the 27th of November the 18th edition of the Dutch testing day will be held.  The programme of this full day event includes 9 presentations that focus on the theme ‘Boosting the value of testing’. It also features two keynotes, from world class speakers and authors Martin Pol and Dorothy Graham.

The presentations cover a variety of areas (please check the website for details):

  • Keynote: The evolution of testing & what is next? – Martin Pol (Polteq)
  • Model-based system testing of an X-ray detector – Jeroen Meijer (University of Twente
  • Model-driven development and its impact on testing – Bryan Bakker (Sioux)
  • 15 tips on testing in Scrum – Leo van der Aalst (Sogeti)
  • Boost testing with service virtualization – Rix Groenboom (Parasoft)
  • Non-functional mobile app testing – Daniël Kok (Universiteit Groningen
  • Model-based testing is an agile developer’s best friend – Pieter Koopman (Radboud university Nijmegen)
  • Boost your testing power with exploratory testing – Huib Schoots (Codecentric)
  • Calibration of performance testtooling – Roland van Leusden (Squerist)
  • Three tips for increasing your added value as a tester – Derk-Jan de Grood (Valori)
  • Keynote: Achieving value from test automation – Dorothy Graham (independent consultant)
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