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Strange things happened on the Dutch testing day has posted a photo impression of the Dutch testing day. Check it out if you want an impression of the event. One photo was not published, as not to alarm the participants who might not have noticed. For unclear … Continue reading

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This weeks presentations

This week I gave two presentations. One for the IBBA annual conference, the other for the Dutch testing day. I uploaded the presentations to Slideshare: The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) is a non-profit professional association with the purpose … Continue reading

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A second live….

Always nice to see books getting a second live….. Esp. when it is one of mine. Whoever buys this book, I wish him/her lots of successful presentations.

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Bits & Chips Magazine

I just received the edited text of my new column for the Bits & Chips Magazine. I just love to work with good people. Since my contribution exceeded the limits, they did a full editorial. The fun part is, that … Continue reading

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Business Information magazine

Business Information Magazine is een tijdschrift dat wordt uitgegeven door SDU.  Het blad is een fusie van het  voormalig Database Magazine en Business Process Magazine. Het is de nieuwe titel voor een buitengewoon krachtige combinatie. SDU omschrijft het als een … Continue reading

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EuroSTAR conference

Currently I am in the train heading for the RAI in Amsterdam. This is where the EuroSTAR conference is being held. Since this years conference is a home-country game for me, no Hotel for me this time. I woke up … Continue reading

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