Conference proposals

For the dutch test association, Testnet, I am participating in a session on Presentation skills and how to write a good proposal. While I wait for the skype call, I’ll try to compose a checklist for a good conference proposal. What makes a good conference proposal?

  • A Catchy title that triggers attention
  • A subtitle that explains the topic of the presentation
  • An introduction that summarizes the punchline of the presentation, or that describes a problem that reviewers relate to
  • A summary of the statement that you’ll make.  So, do not ask questions like “how long should a presentation last”, but “I’ll state that a presentation should last 5 minutes”
  • Explain how the talks aligns with the theme of the conference
  • State a reference to your experience or research
  • Talk benefit: why is the information you provide useful, how can it be applied by the participants
  • Answer the WIIFM question (whats in in for me?), where me is the participant or reviewer
  • Explain what is new, unique or special about the solution of you talk. This to avoid that your talks is being perceived  as “yet another talk about …”
  • Include an outline of the talk

This list is probably far from complete but I hope it helps you to improve your proposals and increase the chance of being selected.

Jean Paul made the following mindmap while I explained the points listed above.

Mindmap Proposal

Feel free to comment and add suggestions….

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