The discontinuity in test process improvement

During the EuroSTAR conference, held in November 2012, I gave a soapbox presentation with the title “the discontinuity in test process improvement“. The statement I made is that we usually assume there is evolution, a natural growth. Test Maturity Models are based upon evolution also. You start at level one, and if you make sure you have process in order you can get your organization at level two or three. For testers who have grown up with the existing maturity models, this is common and I think I’ve always believed that once you are level 3, you can evolutionarily grow to higher levels. But is this really so?. In this column state that there are better ways to get to the higher maturity levels….and this is not by following the evolutionary path.

Want to know more, I wrote a column about it for Bits&Chips Magazine.
Currently the column is in Dutch. If you want a translation, let me know!

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