STAREast conference Orlando

Today I gave a presentation “how to increase your test team efficiency with kanban” at the STAREast conference. I had a full auditorium and was pleased to see many people being involved in the subject. Great to have that many questions afterwards. During EXPO break I spoke with two Czech-guys who seemed eager to try to implement kanban at home (that is the office). But Shaun Bradshaw spontaneously showed me a picture of his personal kanban board. Kanban sure has many applications.

In my presentation I mentioned the factsheet I made. Trigger was that I was discussing the advantages that kanban can have for one of our clients test teams. He was really interested. In order to help him communicate our ideas within his organization and get people informed and motivated I made this fact sheet.

Afterwards I made it more generic and translated it to English so others can benefit from it. Click on link for a high-resolution PDF in both Dutch and English: Kanban fact sheet (UK and NL)

I made an introduction video for this talk: you can watch it here:

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