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A nice explanation of Kanban

I found this video on YouTube. I have no liaison with vendor, but found it a nice introduction to Kanban.

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Test Automation Day 2014

The 4th edition of the Test Automation day will be organized in June 2014. That may seem a long way ahead, but the call for papers has been started. The conference is truly dedicated to test automation, and that makes … Continue reading

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Networking event on EuroSTAR

I hope to see you at the EuroSTAR network event: The term conference is closely related to the term conferring, consulting each other. Visiting the EuroSTAR conferences gives you many opportunities to do so. The track and keynote presentations deliver a lot of valuable information that … Continue reading

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Professional tester: Is somebody leaking information?

Huib Schoots called me yesterday with questions about my article. “What article?” I asked, “how do you know?” How did he get the information, I thought. How did he get to lay his hand on my draft article? I was … Continue reading

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Progress reporting with the Subway Map

Progress reporting can be cumbersome. You want to get your message across and provide detailed information, but long tables and lists do not appeal to the reader. Subway maps have been developed to give insight in progress, bottlenecks and dependencies. … Continue reading

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If you do not know it, admit it – the power of not knowing

A colleague told me that he asks his employees what three things are they struggling with the most on a regularly basis. His experience: the problem of one colleague is often easy to solve by another colleague. Personal experience, different … Continue reading

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techniques used while testing a Mobile app

I look back on a finished test cycle and ask myself the question: What techniques did I use to find and recognize the bugs I found. I wrote and article in professional tester magazine and will be giving a presentation … Continue reading

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The other 99 tips: Booklaunch

Tonight is the launch of the book with 101 tips for testers. I know two of the tips originate from Egbert Bouman and me.  So I am specially curious for the other 99 tips. Thanks Anderis for collecting the knowledge … Continue reading

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VAMO: Fixed and Mobile integrated

The above video gives an impression of my current project. It describes (in Dutch) what is possible when you integrate fixed phone network  and mobile phone network into one service.  

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If you do not know it…admit it!

Recently I referred to the column by Naomi Karten. Her column states: ” Many people think asking for help is a sign of weakness. They’re wrong, though. Asking for help is actually a sign of strength, an indication that you’re … Continue reading

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Retreat Notes

Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries, alias FunTestic, has proven herself to be good in drawing as well. She drew the Mappa Testi (some might remember the session she did on EuroSTAR) and she drew a nice summary for the “Set your … Continue reading

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