techniques used while testing a Mobile app

I look back on a finished test cycle and ask myself the question: What techniques did I use to find and recognize the bugs I found. I wrote and article in professional tester magazine and will be giving a presentation about various techniques on the QA&Test conference in October 2013. In the video I show a technique classification model I made for these events. This was the first App – test cycle I did after creating the model, and I used it to validate the model.

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2 Responses to techniques used while testing a Mobile app

  1. After listening to your story, I haven´t got the techniques you used in app testing that worked and which (types of) errors you found. Could you be more specific about that?


    • djdegrood says:

      Unfortunately I cannot share the bugs I found. I try to focus on techniques that helped me to trigger and recognize the bugs when they occur, so in this video I tend not to talk about test design techniques. I think I discussed some of the other techniques, checking inconsistencies, things it does not, things it does while not expected, chess-playing technique.
      But maybe I should post a new video when I have tested another App someday and elaborate some more..


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