Professional tester: Is somebody leaking information?

Huib Schoots called me yesterday with questions about my article. “What article?” I asked, “how do you know?” How did he get the information, I thought. How did he get to lay his hand on my draft article? I was really surprised, is somebody leaking information? It couldn’t be, could it. But Huib clarified, “It’s in the new issue of professional tester, Derk. I downloaded it this morning!”. Aha…that explained it….I did not know that it was out yet. But it is….

The new issue is all about test efficiency and includes articles by: Paul Gerrard, Nick Jenkins (Eamonn Lawler CA Technologies),Mark Lehky and Anthea Whelan (Grid-Tools). It can be downloaded for free on the magazine website.

If you only want to read my article, you’ll find it here:Update your technique portfolio for agile.

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