Networking event on EuroSTAR

I hope to see you at the EuroSTAR network event:

The term conference is closely related to the term conferring, consulting each other. Visiting the EuroSTAR conferences gives you many opportunities to do so. The track and keynote presentations deliver a lot of valuable information that undoubtedly will inspire you, but it is in dialogue that you can benchmark your ideas and experiences, that you get answers to your personal questions.  Nathalie van Delft and Derk-Jan’s personal experience is that the people that you meet for the first time at EuroSTAR, can become good (testing)relations in the future. Contacts made on site, can reach further than the duration of the conference and provide a good source for advice when back on the job.

source flickr/daaynos

But how do you meet people? Can you just walk up to someone and start a discussion? This often feels a little awkward or forced.

Therefore we organize the “get contacted” network event in the Community Hub on Tuesday evening during the Expo Drinks from  17:45 – 19:00 hours.  This is the ultimate opportunity to get to know new people and get past the “where are you from?” stage in no-time.

Nathalie and Derk-Jan have prepared an interactive gathering where topics that were on the Tuesday conference program and more will be discussed. Expect standing tables you can write on, mind mapping and secret envelopes. By exchanging our ideas and opinions in an informal and casual setting, you’ll learn about the test profession and get to know each other. We think you will have a buzzing time and have the opportunity to connect with each other on the first day. With two more conference days following on the network event, we truly believe that we contribute to a tighter and lively community and increase the value of your conference experience!

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