Unpack your toolkit: becoming more effective with the right tools and techniques

View from the conference center in Bilbao

Below the slides of the presentation I gave at the QA & testing conference in Bilbao. I use the technique classification model I made to explain what various tools and techniques are available to us as testers.

Key point: knowing the right techniques will enable you to do a better job faster in an agile environment. Secondary point: here are some useful techniques that you can benefit from.

What I really liked is that during the conference, I got a lot of information that I could use to validate and even extent the model. On slide 44, I added an extra ring to the model to host Root Cause Analysis techniques. Together with Jan van Moll I will elaborate on these in the near future. Vino S. used the Kano model, which I did not include in the initial presentation, but is a valuable scoping technique, that is also listed in the IBBA BAKOK guide.

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