TestNet network test

On 15 januari testnet will perform a real life network test. Guided by the coaches Bart Knaack, Richard Ammerlaan, Bernd Beersma, Huib Schoots, Ruud Teunissen, Onno Wierbos, Chester Jansen and me, participants will perform life test on the Venue’s network.A nice and unique way to learn from each other in a informal practical setting.

I was asked to lead a team.  With my team, I would like to experiment with a quick way to set up a test approach. I wrote about fthis approach in the Bits & Chips magazine and it is a three step approach in which we identify users, qualifiers and disqualifies.

On Wednesday we’ll  have two sprints.  During the first session, I will like to quickly go through the following steps
1) What types of users we have. 2) What defines a good network for these types of users (these are the qualifiers) and 3) which are dis-qualifiers. We will then make pairs that will cover a number of qualifiers and dis-qualifiers during the actual tests. The second sprint we will start with a short stand-up meeting in which we share results and insights and divide the tasks for remaining  20 minutes of the sprint. So if you want to join me, learn about this approach, practice with pair testing and scheduling your sprint-backlog, feel yourself welcome in my team.

NB: wrote a nice blog in which he pleads for using persona in order to define the types of users. This is nicely in line with my thought so you might want to give it a read: Can you test without knowing the names of your users

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