New Column: Taste wheel for testers

What language do we use when we want to express our experience with the application that we have just tested?

All rights: ©1995 Specialty Coffee Association of America

In coffee land (but also in whiskey land) they use a taste (or flavor) wheel to describe tastes that you can look for while sampling the coffee. See the illustration for an example made by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. The taste wheel serves as a kind of checklist, but also helps to give names to the flavors. It provides a language that is commonly understood among the tasters. The coffee taste wheel displays both the disqualifiers (bad tastes like burned, to bitter, etc.) and the nice flavors (the qualifiers) of the coffee.

Read my column (in Dutch) on how I think we make or own testers-taste-wheel, include it in our test strategy and find our own language to make the business understand how we rate the system under test.

Are you a non-Dutch speaker? Maybe you can join my tutorial on the Free-Test conference held in Norway (May  2014).

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One Response to New Column: Taste wheel for testers

  1. Patrick says:

    Derk-Jan, even opletten he. het is wheel en niet weel (zie je titel). Verder leuk om te lezen, ik wist niet dat je barista bent?


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