Implementing Test Automation, a story about changing insights and experiences

Today I gave a presentation on the Test Automation day. In this presentation I explain a simple strategy for implementing Test Automation in your organization. A simple strategy? I tell the story of my experience so far and look back in retrospective to the presentations I gave at the Test Automation Day before.
In this presentation I state that:

  • Organizational Maturity (like measured with TPI or TMMi) should not raise a threshold for getting started
  • In order to become good in Test Automation, we need to get started and learn from our mistakes (fail forward)
  • There is a shift from technology and tool selection toward selling the business case
  • But the real implementation is a process of organizational change, where people, and budgets play a key role.
  • People need to learn their new roles, need to work with new processes and you need to have a good story if you want to interfere with projects.
  • In the end, I conclude that once you completed the journey, and got the organization to start with test automation, you end up with the technical challenges again: What tool are you going to use, what architecture, and how do you write effective scripts….

A simple strategy? I am still learning.



The above presentation was preceded by a presentation from Ard Kramer. Today he gave this presentation alone, previously we gave this presentation together at the Dutch testing conference. The topics are very much related and its slides can be found here:


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