SCRUM battle: a fun way to experience Agile

Begin September we gave the SCRUM Battle at Quby. Quby is a dynamic organization with the ambition to enable people to get grip on their energy consumption. They do so by developing products and services that are smart, easy and relevant. Toon the smart thermostat is one of their best-known products. It can be found in many households.

During one evening circa thirty employees were trained to cooperate in an Agile environment. Quby’s own newsletter describes the experience as follows:

“Even though the tasks themselves were nothing more than making pictures of your group members, or searching the internet for pictures of snakes and puffins, the real learning experience was learning to work together to complete these tasks as fast as possible.”

During this simulation game, the four teams tried to deliver as much business value as possible. Along the way they gained understanding of the success factors of SCRUM and they also experienced some of its pitfalls.

“The success of the evening wasn’t only because of the enthusiasm shown by the participants, but also thanks to the incredibly engaging Scrummasters, Marcel Schaar and Derk-Jan de Grood. They made learning this Scrum-technique fun and entertaining to do. I doubt there was anyone present that evening that did not learn something new that evening.

Since the SCRUM battle is a battle, only one team wins. But the other teams do not go home empty handed. As Cynthia Hoekstra explains in the news letter:

 ”In the end, we discovered that we didn’t learn the most of doing everything right, but by doing it wrong. Failing forward, as Derk-Jan has said himself.”

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