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Test Strategy Revisited

An effective test strategy Should clearly be based on the input from the stakeholders, It should give directions to the tester in what to test, but give him/her the freedom to define tests on the basis of his/her test-, system- … Continue reading

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Improving Test Automation in your organization

The Test Automation Day 2015 will be held on 18 June 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The central theme of this year’s edition is: Improving Test Automation in your organization. The organization aims to have stories in the following areas: Improving … Continue reading

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SCRUM Battle: Now you can experience the Agile way of working yourself

Yesterday I hosted the SCRUM Battle on the NoorderTest Conference (see my previous post: SCRUM Battle on NoorderTest 2014. Today I compiled footage from various battles into a one-minute+ impression. You can watch it here: The SCRUM battle is an ideal … Continue reading

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SCRUM Battle on NoorderTest 2014

Historically I doubt whether the Castle in Groningen was ever under siege. This month however a serious battle will take place at the venue. Next week, on Thursday 9th the NNOT (1) organizes the 7th edition of the NoorderTEST. During … Continue reading

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Personal invite: 45 min workshop on agile progress reporting

Test progress reporting can be cumbersome. There is a complex story to be told, but it needs to be done in such a way that the business and project stakeholders get the message. Sequential planning techniques such as critical path … Continue reading

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