SCRUM Battle: Now you can experience the Agile way of working yourself

Yesterday I hosted the SCRUM Battle on the NoorderTest Conference (see my previous post: SCRUM Battle on NoorderTest 2014. Today I compiled footage from various battles into a one-minute+ impression. You can watch it here:

The SCRUM battle is an ideal way to introduce the SCRUM way of working in an engaging way. The SCRUM battle is a simulation game in which 2-4 teams experience how to work in an Agile team.

It has been designed to introduce SCRUM to stakeholders from e.g. the business, operational, management or Sales. But is also helps developers and testers to get a good feel about SCRUM.

In the first half hour I explain the principles and operation of scrum. Straight afterwards the participants participate in a three sprints simulation. They actively develop and work on their product. During these sprints they will engage in all activities that make SCRUM; e.g. Sprint planning meeting, the “daily scrum”, the review and the retrospective. After the game they have experienced delivering incrementals according to the Definition of Done. They also have understanding of the role of the product owner and Scrum master.
Above all, they have learned that “scrum” gives a lot of energy and produces a lot of satisfaction.

It does for me !

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