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Co-operation a wanted skill

In the November issue of Bits & Chips magazine I wrote a article about a simulation game called the SCRUM battle. In the same issue I published my monthly column with a related topic: Cooperation skills are getting more in demand. … Continue reading

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To SCRUM or not to SCRUM

Bits & Chips magazine came aware of our SCRUM battle and published an article on this topic. The article, titled “to SCRUM or not to SCRUM, Game simulation provides insight” states that although SCRUM is adopted by many organizations, still … Continue reading

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Progress reporting in Agile context

Last week I hosted a workshop on the TestNet autumn event.  The topic was progress reporting in an Agile context. Within Agile large PERT and GHANT charts do not work. But, the Sprint board or the burn-down chart, do not … Continue reading

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