Winning the Testing Excellence Award

Wednesday 26 November I got honoured with the Testing Excellence Award. This this prestigious award is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of software testing within Europe. The award seeks to promote leadership, contribution and effectiveness in testing process and implementation. It has been granted to 15 test professionals since 1998, among which 4 Dutch testers. I am very proud to have been added to the list and sincerely like to thank all that have supported my nomination, or that came toward me afterwards with such warm congratulations.Winners of the Testing Excellence Award

When I went to the EuroSTAR conference for the first time in 2004, I did not know what the Testing Excellence Award was.  Over the years the award grew to me in value.  I remember the first award gala, when I humbly thought; “Well maybe… maybe, I would like to win this award, if I could”. Ever since, the award triggered me to think about what I wanted to contribute to our profession. To me, this defines the true value of the Testing Excellence Award. It shows us that we need to lead the community and share our vision and knowledge in such a way that others can take it yet another step further. To first time delegates the award might not mean that much yet, but a future winner is among them. I hope that among them are a few that got inspired to share their stories and opinions.

Henk van Merode kindly shared the video he made of the ceremony, which I have edited into a nice impression, where you see Paul Gerrard and Egbert Bouman handing over the famous vase of Irish Crystal:

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