G(r)ood Testing 10: User Centered Risk based Test Stories

My last column for 2014 is on user centered risk based test stories (yes, it’s quite a mouthful). It is a follow-up on last months column. This one discussed an alternative way of creating an effective test strategy. You can read this previous blog on: G(r)ood testing 9: Test strategy revisited. This month we take the subject a little further, and see how the 3 stap plan supports the creation of a good test stories. test stories enable us to explain what we do to our stakeholder. If done right they will understand the value that we add to the development process.  You can read the full column on the EuroSTAR community pages: G(r)ood Testing 10: User Centered Risk based Test Stories. I hope you enjoy the read.

Not convinced yet? May I suggest that you watch my introduction video to learn about the topic of this column and you might even understand why I am running around on a vacant office-site.

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