Agile Implementation Pitfalls- by Erik Philippus

I stumbled upon a nice post by Erik Philippus on LinkedIN. In his column “Scrum under Siege: Agile Implementation Pitfalls” Erik lists the following pitfalls of SCRUM implementations.

SCRUM Pitfalls by Erik Philippus

In the last SCRUM implementation I did, I encountered them all. The items Phillip describe are all really logical items. Individually the items seem innocent and employees often come armed with good argument. “We really need Suzan, she is the only that knows how to solve this crisis”, “If we remove this item from the DoD-we might get the job done in time”, etc…But they all threaten the success of the SCRUM implementation.  To me the blog made me once more aware, that the true success factor of an SCRUM implementation is not in teaching the team to perform their rituals. It lies in making them understand agile and the stakeholders to adopt the right mindset. And that is a challenging change… But very rewarding to work on 😉

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