Combining errors into disaster scenario’s?

In my new column is a follow-up on the G(r)ood Testing 11- Explosive software – when risks do count. In the 12th edition I like to talk about the lesson we learn from space and air disasters: Should we combine errors to investigate into scenario’s that have unexpected impact?  I believe it is a shift in mindset, some people might see it as seeking problems instead of killing them. But it might be rewarding….

The column is not yet published, the video is !



About derkjandegrood

Derk-Jan de Grood, works for Squerist as senior test consultant and agile advisor. As Trainer, Consultant and Agile Coach, he is involved with improvements and agile implementations. Derk-Jan is the author of several successful books including TestGoal, Grip on IT and the Dutch Testers association’s jubilee book on future trends in testing. In 2016 he published “Agile in the Real World”, a book on SCRUM. Derk-Jan won several awards including the prestigious European Testing Excellence Award in 2014
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