Survival techniques for Testers- EuroSTAR tutorial


The EuroSTAR conference program is published. The 23rd edition of EuroSTAR will be held in Maastricht, late 2015, and promises to become a great event. I am proud to announce that I signed up with Jan Jaap Cannegieter (SYSQA) to do a half day tutorial on Tuesday 3 november.

In the tutorial “Survival techniques for testers- Beyond the T shape” the attendees will define different profiles that testers can adapt to meet the expectations on testers in the future. Jan Jaap and I will introduce the concept of the π-shaped tester, a further development of the T-shaped tester (see for instance the work of Rob Lambert, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory). The π-shaped tester had global knowledge on different fields (development, project management, agile etc), has deep knowledge of testing and has deep knowledge on something else like security, test automation, requirements etc.

You can read the full description of (and register for) the tutorial on the conference website, but we made an introduction video also. You can watch it below:



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