Improving Test Automation in your organization

On June 18th 2015, CKC Seminars organizes the 5th edition of Test Automation Day. The Central theme of the 2015 edition is: Improving Test Automation in your organization

The Test Automation Day is a key meeting place for Test Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations. The event features an inspiring day of talks and workshops by international speakers focused on Test Automation Innovation. Learn more about innovative automated testing methods, technologies, strategies and tools.

You can see the program on the conference website.

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3 Responses to Improving Test Automation in your organization

  1. Jim Hazen says:

    Program looks pretty good, but I don’t see a talk specifically about what all needs to be done before a tool is selected / line of code written. I see a couple of lessons learned talks, but they seem to be retrospective in nature.
    What I’m driving at is (in my opinion) in order to improve automation of testing in an organization you have a lot of preliminary work and education to be done beforehand. I did a talk at STPCon Denver 2014 “Think You’re Ready for Automation” that covered this.
    In my experience the number one thing you need to do first is the education and communication and prep work before the formal scripting begins. This pre-planning helps point out a lot of potential bumps in the road before they become real nightmares.


    Jim Hazen


    • djdegrood says:

      Dear Jim,

      Thanks for extensive comment. I looked up your presentation (a description can be found here). I agree with you. I believe there are a few groups of testers to consider when it comes to Test Automation (TA).
      • The ones that can’t be bothered at all
      • The ones that are really interested in the implementation and are interesting in the organisational challenge
      • The ones that are into testing and like it to be automated
      • The real script enthusiasts, that might be less interesting in the testing and have a focus on the technical challenge
      On a test automation conference you meet seldom the first type, of course. But I find the second type under emphasised. There is a lot more to TA than the tooling side of it.

      Funny enough, for this conference I have been programmed for four years in a row, and my story is a sequel one. The 1st year I discussed the business case (what you need to convince management), the 2nd year pre-requisites (what needs to be in place) and last year Implementation strategies bases upon a project I did in a large organisation.

      This year Ard Kramer and I will be discussing what we call the FULL CIRCLE in TA. We have some team that started with automating their tests, we have overcome the tool selection problems, only to find out that some teams do not have their testing in place. So the actual business-case is affected by test-improvement that need to be done in order to make the automation effective. So feel we have made the full circle. I think it align with you comment, there is more to automation tests than just starting with scripting.

      For your reference some links to the mentioned presentations:

      2012: TA a door to open or to lock tight?
      2013: Should I automate?
      2014: A simple strategy
      2015: to be continued …


      • Jim Hazen says:

        I’ll be sure to follow up on this. I know you’ve been doing talks about varying aspects of the TA work, I was just surprised that this years conference didn’t have a specific presentation like the one you did a few years back. I just believe in keeping it on the front pages so it is not forgotten. Instant amnesia (short term memory) is a big problem.

        If you want the full PPT file (and some other related ones) go over to my LinkedIn page, they are there. If you cannot see it (them) let me know and I’ll forward them on. I know some people had problems in the past with LinkedIn.

        Best to you.


        Jim Hazen

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