Scaling Agile using the Subwaymap

2015-04-30 13.08.24

Anko Tijman, Derk-Jan de Grood en Cesario Ramos

On 30 April I gave a workshop with Anko and Cesario on the Testnet event. The workshop was about Scaling Agile. We discussed the axis along which we can scale agile, the reasons to scale and some of the pitfalls. We stated that it is important not to lose sight of the agile principles and values, and offered a nice solution: subway mapping.

Subway mapping enables alignment between teams, creates transparency and insight in dependencies. It triggers collaboration and discussion between the team members. During the workshop participants made their own subwaymap. If you want to try it yourself: Download the Quick Reference Card or the powerpoint template.

The slides of the workshop can be found below. It contains nice information about Scaled Agile Frameworks and the Agile values.


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