With SCRUM a shorter time-to-market ?

IT faster to the market

I got some requests to discus the effectiveness of SCRUM and its impact on the time to market. Triggered by these questions I wrote an article  which is published on our own company blog. In it I state that if you want to reduce the time-to-market with SCRUM, the organisation should be ready to deploy the code that the development teams deliver. I give some examples of situations I have encountered, and conclude that the time-to-Market does not depend on how well the development teams have implemented their Agile, but on the weakest link in the whole development chain, including business and operations.

I plan to translate this column, say yes if you want me to (please do comment) . But currently it’s available in dutch only (sorry): Scrum time-to-market, hoe zit dat nou eigenlijk?

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4 Responses to With SCRUM a shorter time-to-market ?

  1. Román says:

    Would appreciate the translated version, article sounds really interesting


  2. Derk-Jan de Grood says:

    Román, In the meanwhile I made a translation. You can find the English equivalent online: https://djdegrood.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/scrum-and-the-time-to-market/


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