SSTC – Coming soon

This October I’ll be flying towards Seoul for the Seoul Software Testing Conference. I found the online billboard with the speaker line-up.


Mette Bruhn-Pedersen, Kelvin Ross, Debra Friedenberg, Wonil Kwon are with me on the program. I’ll take on the challenge to give the audience an impression on how we do our agile development and testing in Europe. Using the pretentious title “Agile in Europe, this is how we do it” I’ll be combining benchmark research with my own experience. Share some pitfalls and things I feel we are struggling with; Scaling and test strategies in larger Agile projects. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts and getting to know the city.

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4 Responses to SSTC – Coming soon

  1. vipin jain says:

    Congrats mate! Is there a URL for this conference?


  2. egbertb says:

    Wow, cool!
    Derk-Jan Hiddink the dreamed coach for Korea’s software test & agile teams and SmarTEST TestGoal hitter ever ⚽️ 😄.


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