Product Owner Game: Experience the work of the PO

At Valori we developed a new serious game. Previous we had only the SCRUM battle, which gives delegates insight in the SCRUM process. It is a great success, but we missed a good interactive way to learn Product Owners, Stakeholders, Business managers and Developers what the Product Owner role really means. Therefore we created the PO Game. This game workshop lets you experience the work of the product Owner. While working on a realistic case you learn the two faces of the PO, who is facing both the business and the development teams. Learn in a relaxed and informal setting how you can translate a product vision into an Epic planning, learn how to prioritize and schedule the release and work together with the SCRUM teams. Finally you learn how to evaluate the business release against the product vision.

More information can be found on
There is also a dutch version of the trailer.

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1 Response to Product Owner Game: Experience the work of the PO

  1. Carel Kouwenhoven says:

    Hartstikke leuk filmpje Derk-Jan. Spreekt enthousiasme uit.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Carel Kouwenhoven


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