Survival techniques for testers, beyond the T-shape tester (part 2)

Last Wednesday (11 May) I gave a tutorial workshop at the testnet spring event. This was the similar workshop that Jan Jaap Cannegieter (see this earlier post for the results of this workshop) and I gave for the EuroSTAR conference last year.  In this wisdom of the crowd session with 60+ test professionals we searched for and defined our future. Main question throughout the workshop was:

How do we survive as a tester and what skills and knowledge de we need to develop.

We used the T-shaped tester (Rob Lambert, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory) that combines need for general knowledge with advanced test skills to be successful. But we thought it was time to expand the model. Therefore we introduced the π-shaped professional. The π-shaped tester extends his global knowledge (development, project management, agile etc.) and test expertise with yet another specialism to stay in demand, e.g. security, test automation, requirements.

In the workshop we did a brainstorm what other specialism will be in future demand. We were astonished by the fast amount of suggestions provided by the group. See the both flip overs they covered below. next we did some dot-voting (see the stickers on the pictures below) to invest how popular the various specialisms were. Most dots go to the items that were rated by the group as a wise investment for the future.

IMG_3675 IMG_3676
Click the photo to enlarge

The most popular specialism were taken as a starting point for a further investigation. Below you’ll find the skills for each leg of the π as determined by the participants.

TestAutomation (group 1 and 2)


IMG_3685 IMG_3686

Interface testing/e2e testing

 IMG_3687 IMG_3689





Riskmanagement /Business analysis (these items were combined by the group)


Non Functional testing


Domain knowledge

IMG_3694 IMG_3695

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