Scaling Agile with Less

Previously I posted a link to the ASK matrix. This Matrix compares various agile frameworks. I revisited the site and noticed two things.

  1. It has been updated
  2. The content of the matrix means much more to me, after I had the Less  and Nexus training.

The matrix comes alive much more now, since I start to understand Agile Scaling better and better. And the true meaning behind the short descriptions in the matrix are much clearer than they were before.

If you want to know more about Scaling Agile, and live in the Netherlands, the Less training I had might be a good one for you also. Valori and Casario Ramos (from Agilix) are co-operating to deliver the Less training in may and september this year. More for information and registration see the LESS training page.

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One Response to Scaling Agile with Less

  1. T.J. Maher says:

    Heh. Cute name. “Less Training”. 🙂

    -T.J. Maher


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