QUPER Model for better requirements

Over the last weeks I have been reading in Gojko Adzics book Specification by Example. Tonight I stumbled on his section about the QUPER model. Gojko describes that he didn’t apply the model himself, but finds it contains some interesting food for thought. And I agree, so I pass it on.

The QUPER, or Quality Performance Model is developed by Bjorn Regnell and helps you to discuss requirements that have a gliding scale. E.g. performance. Since the loading time of a webpage can be anything right? 0,5 seconds, 2 seconds, 10 seconds, you name it.

The QUPER model distinguishes three important break points. The first being Utility stating that the system is usable when it reaches this threshold. The second break point is Differentiation. System that reach this threshold distinguish themselves from the competitors. The 3rd break point (Saturation) indicates that further improvement does not add any value anymore. In the QUPER model these break points are discussed with the business and compared with the costs that are involved with reaching a certain, e.g. Performance.


I like the way it triggers mature discussions with stakeholders and puts business benefit in the equation. We might want to differentiate from the competitors on some features, but probably not all features. It’s waste to push performance on those parts of the system where this involves high development costs and were moderate performance is sufficient. I makes me think of the KANO model as well, but the QUPER model seems a good intuitive model, I am gonna use it, sure!

More can be read here:

What do you think? Do think you can benefit from this model? Are you already using it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Derk-Jan de Grood, works for Squerist as senior test consultant and agile advisor. As Trainer, Consultant and Agile Coach, he is involved with improvements and agile implementations. Derk-Jan is the author of several successful books including TestGoal, Grip on IT and the Dutch Testers association’s jubilee book on future trends in testing. In 2016 he published “Agile in the Real World”, a book on SCRUM. Derk-Jan won several awards including the prestigious European Testing Excellence Award in 2014
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