Agile way of working at ING Netherlands

The ING made a video about their agile way of working. I think it’s always nice when a video is made that explains the work that you do. Luckily the Agile coach is introduced at 4:07: “there is one more vital role… that of the agile coach”.

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2 Responses to Agile way of working at ING Netherlands

  1. That’s a good video and well put together. I like seeing the flexibility and Agile methodology applied outside of traditional software delivery and product management realms. It is encouraging to see the adoption and also that they are cognisant to the potential it might not work in some areas. Thus, a method of trial and error needs to be used to ensure that everything continues to operate well. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanx Derek-Jan for pointing the position of the Agile Coach, it sure feels different that there is no Scrum Master, but ING sticks to the self-organizing teams. Every new Onboarding employee follows a WoW Foundation workshop so they create a general mindset as a starting point.


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