Transforming testing to fit modern development- Agile testing

On 12 September Andreas Prins and I gave two presentation on the TestNet session night. The theme of the event was: Transforming testing to fit modern development. Andreas identified various rhythms (or wavelengths) in the SDLC and explained the automation that can be done in order to have short lead times and frequent feedback on code quality and delivered value.

My presentation was called “I am an agile tester, because…”. During my talk I discussed what it takes to be an agile tester and I introduced 12 statements that can be used as manifesto for the agile tester. During the presentation 49 participants filled in the survey and we got a nice impression of how agile our testing is. You can find the results below, and in the slide deck.

Using a recent project I was involved in I put these statements to the test. I explain the test strategy I applied and shared my successes and failures. One of the participants tweeted about the presentation: “A nice war story. The 12 statements trigger me to think about my own role and the role of testing within my project and organization”. I think I succeeded my mission.

If you want to perform the survey yourself and find out what makes you an agile tester, you can find it at the valori website (in dutch). If you want an English version, do not hesitate to contact me.

Please find the slides of my presentation below:

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