TestExpo Copenhagen

I just got back from Denmark where I contributed to the TestExpo 2019.

Wednesday Jan Jaap Cannegieter and I gave a tutorial on Test Management in Agile. With a group of 23 enthusiastic test managers we explored what task we perform, how these tasks relate to our mission as test manager and what various roles the test manager can have.

A large amount of time was spent on making one-page testplans for sprint and release level.  There were many questions on how we can embed quality in larger agile organisations.  Based on the questions we adapted the program a bit and shared our ideas on building quality into e.g. the SAFe frame work. Based on the eBook I wrote with Mette Bruhn-Pedersen, we had some great discussions. The Chief Quality Officer, that is introduced in the eBook,  even made into the next assignment.

During the Conference Jan Jaap gave an  interactive  session. Since the conference was held in the cinema, the STARWARS theme of “Dark side of test automation” was a close fit. During this  session we discussed the pitfalls of Test Automation and give some tips to stay away from the dark side.



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