TestGoal, result driven testing


The book ‘TestGoal, result-driven testing’ is a practical and complete lead for everyone involved in testing.

“Focus on business goals. Align your work with those goals. Eliminate work that does not add value to the business – this is today’s management mantra. All good advice. But few in the testing community truly understand what that kind of alignment means. Derk-Jan de Grood is one of those few.” Lee Copeland

TestGoal tells the business manager why testing is important and provides the tester with distinct leads in fulfilling in the test activities.

The book contains many examples, practical tips and convenient checklists that you can use immediately, so as to attain a structured and effective test process, that gives a contribution to the business goals of your organization.

Besides the English edition, TestGoal is also available in Dutch and as a study book that supports eduction on Dutch universities.

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