Giving presentations? Anything goes!

Giving a presentation? Anything goes ! (Original title: Presenteren? Alles Mag !) describes in easy language the whole process of making a presentation. From the idea up to the applause. This book is an aid for all who are going to give a presentation. It does not put rules in the centre, but the message. The book describes all aspects of presenting: the preparation, the rehearsal and the actual performance. Above all, the book is about bringing the message across and about telling a good story. The authors share their experience and tips with great enthusiasm. They asked other professionals to contribute with their vision and tips which results in a useful reference that can also be read cover to cover.
The book has been writiten using the help and  suggestions of teachers from the

  •     Hogeschool Rotterdam
  •     Hogeschool Leiden
  •     Haagse Hogeschool
  •     University of Utrecht
  •     Technical University of Delft

and it contains contributions of Jos Burgers, Jan van Setten, Paula Undondek, and many more.
Our vision: Many trainings and books on presentational skills provide a lot of rules. Do’s and don’ts that you have to be aware of when giving a presentation. This is a little unfortunate because giving a presentation can be quite scary as it is. Having a lot of rules and guidelines don’t help to make it more easy. On the contrary, when you forget about a rule, you can get the feeling you do it wrong.
In this book a different approach is used.
No rules. Anything goes. But we will provide you with some practical tips that will help you making your presentation more effective. We focus on the real purpose of giving an presentation in the first place, bringing your message across. Using a four-step plan some practical instruments will be introduced that enable you to do so. You can think about:

  • Having a good elevator pitch as a summary of your presentation
  • Including knowledge, experience and insights to address different kinds of audience
  • Using mind mapping to get a good structure
  • The benefits of using the checklist “Do I tell  a good story?”
  • Grasping the attention of the public by using the “cycle of involvement”
  • How to present a bad-message in a presentation, e.g delay of the project?
  • The effects of mise-en-scène and ‘sub-texts’
  • Some tips to pimp your slides

More details: visit the dutch site of the book: Presenteren? Alles Mag !

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