The hero that guards my nightly rest


You can buy many books about how to make your IT project successful. However, these books only seem to help to a certain extent and still not many projects are successful. The behavior of key players when they have to perform under high pressure is not well covered. How do these key players act when they are pushed outside their comfort zone and the fear of failure becomes tangible?

Project leaders and Clients aim for success, comfort and a feeling of being in control. Conversely, loss, pain and fear are strong negative drivers that determine our behavior to a great extent, so we cannot neglect them.  Without forgetting the business component, success is correctly measured by the extent to which your project translates the business case into concrete results for the business.

This book explores the balance between human emotion and business objectives in modern IT projects. Using practical examples, it shows you how to align with the world of business and operational management. It helps you to change their perception of the project from fear to comfort and is therefore an indispensable addition to current methodologies! With this book, I want to trigger you to think. I am convinced that it will help you to take your projects further, with more fun and more success.

Read a small article about the topic as published in Bits & Chips magazine: De held die voor mijn nachtrust zorgt .

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