Who is it for?

The waves of agile aims to help and inspire people who are in an Agile transformation or responsible for its success and progress. In fact, that can be anyone. If you want to be engaged and if you’re looking for insights and tips, I’m sure this book delivers value to you. 

The book focuses primarily on Agile coaches and members of the leadership team. The content is part of my personal Agile journey. I’ve worked with many organizations and have learned why Agile transformations are hard and challenging. If you’re an Agile coach, you’ll surely recognize a lot of the things discussed in this book. I trust the book helps to put things into perspective and address the relationship between the various aspects of agile working, so it will contribute to a better understanding. The book provides a lot of ideas, checklists and tips to get you on the way. Agile coaches might also recognize that the role of leadership is crucial. Therefore, I address leaders of the organization and the Agile transformation as a second target group. 

Throughout the book, I discuss the role of leadership. So, if you’re part of the leadership team, you’ll find a lot of tips and advice. You can use those to determine what your own role is in the transformation. Agile coaches and the leadership team need to collaborate in making it work. So, the chapter on the role of the Agile coach is as important for leadership as the leadership parts are for Agile coaches. Mutual understanding of each other’s role is key to making it work. 

The book is also written with product owners and scrum masters in mind. The section on the change process and the roles might be most beneficial for you. It describes how ideas are translated into effective user stories and what to expect from the role. Quality is a topic that concerns everyone, and if you’re a test or quality manager, you might be extra motivated to read the section on built-in quality.