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eBook: Testing and Quality in SAFe

In this new 4000 word free eBook Mette Bruhn-Pedersen and I deep dive into quality and the SAFe framework. Although the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) offers a lot of detailed descriptions, it is not very elaborate on how testing and … Continue reading

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The future is now! Page 120 revisited

Earlier this year the Dutch Test association (TestNet) celebrated its 20th anniversary. Shakers and movers from the dutch test profession contributed with various sessions and workshops. One of the workshops was a follow up on the the book “set your course, future and … Continue reading

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Time to blow the dust off… free ebook

In 2011 I wrote a book “the hero that guards my nightly rest” (Dutch title: “grip op IT, de held die voor mijn nachtrust zorgt”). In this book I search for a balance between the human and business side of … Continue reading

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Not all test techniques are test design techniques

Strangely enough, when I discus test techniques with testers, they think I’ll am talking about test design techniques. Althoug the design techniques form the inner core of our work, theBut there are far more techniques that worth using. They can … Continue reading

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Network testing, the devil is in the combination

Three months ago the Dutch Testnet Association performed a live network test. Members were asked to contribute and bring in topic and test ideas. During the debriefing session participants explained their test results to the owner of the venue (and … Continue reading

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I want to read about testing…

The ministry of testing has created a nice overview with feeds from testers-blogs. So if you want to stay up to date, you can select a post from any of the 400+ connected blogs.

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Series of blogs on the EuroSTAR community pages

Yesterday EuroSTAR and Valori published the first edition of a range of columns of my hand. In the series “G(r)ood testing“, we will share nice test realated ideas, try to inspire you with practical solutions and trigger the reader thought … Continue reading

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Professional tester: Is somebody leaking information?

Huib Schoots called me yesterday with questions about my article. “What article?” I asked, “how do you know?” How did he get the information, I thought. How did he get to lay his hand on my draft article? I was … Continue reading

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New Column on

For  I wrote a column called “Een nieuwe stofzuiger voor 100 gulden”, freely translated into “a new vacuum cleaner for $100”. In this column question myself why testing is worthwhile and how I ended up in the profession anyway. … Continue reading

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Test Magazine – Februari 2013

Proud to be part of the februari issue of Test Magazine. I wrote an article about kanban, and Test Magazine was kind to publish it. If you want to now how to improve the visibility and efficiency of your test-team, … Continue reading

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The discontinuity in test process improvement

During the EuroSTAR conference, held in November 2012, I gave a soapbox presentation with the title “the discontinuity in test process improvement“. The statement I made is that we usually assume there is evolution, a natural growth. Test Maturity Models … Continue reading

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A second live….

Always nice to see books getting a second live….. Esp. when it is one of mine. Whoever buys this book, I wish him/her lots of successful presentations.

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Bits & Chips Magazine

I just received the edited text of my new column for the Bits & Chips Magazine. I just love to work with good people. Since my contribution exceeded the limits, they did a full editorial. The fun part is, that … Continue reading

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The future of testing on my desk

Normally I do not publish articles on this website that are not published by an independent publisher, but this time I make an exception. The screen shot below is from an article that we published in the Value. The Value … Continue reading

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New test magazine

A few months ago Macro van der Spek, editor of decided to create a Dutch glossy magazine for testers. Most current test journals are international and in English. “The plan to collect articles that where provided by the Dutch … Continue reading

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