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The future is now! Page 120 revisited

Earlier this year the Dutch Test association (TestNet) celebrated its 20th anniversary. Shakers and movers from the dutch test profession contributed with various sessions and workshops. One of the workshops was a follow up on the the book “set your course, future and … Continue reading

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Do’s and don’ts for the test manager – a testnet workshop

One of the two workshops I gave at the Testnet sprint event was a collaboration with Jan Jaap Cannegieter. The purpose of the workshop that we gave was to collectively rethink the value that a test manager has (or can … Continue reading

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Testnet 20th anniversary: Two workshops at the same time

On Monday, May 15th the Dutch Test association (TestNet) will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Shakers and movers from the dutch test profession will contribute with sessions workshops that take place throughout the day. I am proud to say that I … Continue reading

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Free download of “Bepaal je koers, trends en toekomst in Testen”

After the workshop Survival Techniques for Testers- Beyond the T-shape that I gave last week on the TestNet event, I got a lot of requests for the jubilee book that we (Huib Schoots, Hans van Loenhoud, Derk-Jan de Grood,  Anko Tijman, Pepijn Vorst, Andreas … Continue reading

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Survival techniques for testers, beyond the T-shape tester (part 2)

Last Wednesday (11 May) I gave a tutorial workshop at the testnet spring event. This was the similar workshop that Jan Jaap Cannegieter (see this earlier post for the results of this workshop) and I gave for the EuroSTAR conference last … Continue reading

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Scaling Agile using the Subwaymap

On 30 April I gave a workshop with Anko and Cesario on the Testnet event. The workshop was about Scaling Agile. We discussed the axis along which we can scale agile, the reasons to scale and some of the pitfalls. … Continue reading

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Progress reporting in Agile context

Last week I hosted a workshop on the TestNet autumn event.  The topic was progress reporting in an Agile context. Within Agile large PERT and GHANT charts do not work. But, the Sprint board or the burn-down chart, do not … Continue reading

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Personal invite: 45 min workshop on agile progress reporting

Test progress reporting can be cumbersome. There is a complex story to be told, but it needs to be done in such a way that the business and project stakeholders get the message. Sequential planning techniques such as critical path … Continue reading

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Network testing, the devil is in the combination

Three months ago the Dutch Testnet Association performed a live network test. Members were asked to contribute and bring in topic and test ideas. During the debriefing session participants explained their test results to the owner of the venue (and … Continue reading

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Teststrategy revisited: qualifiers and disqualifiers

Today we will be having a onsite network test during the TestNet (Dutch test association) evening. In my previous post I described the approach I want to take, and I mentione publishing a column in the Bits & Chips magazine … Continue reading

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TestNet network test

On 15 januari testnet will perform a real life network test. Guided by the coaches Bart Knaack, Richard Ammerlaan, Bernd Beersma, Huib Schoots, Ruud Teunissen, Onno Wierbos, Chester Jansen and me, participants will perform life test on the Venue’s network.A … Continue reading

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Retreat Notes

Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries, alias FunTestic, has proven herself to be good in drawing as well. She drew the Mappa Testi (some might remember the session she did on EuroSTAR) and she drew a nice summary for the “Set your … Continue reading

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Test Automation is Inevitable: mind map

Monday 13 may I gave a presentation on the spring event of the Dutch test association (Testnet). The bottom line of this presentation is that test automation is gaining ground and becomes more and more important. Using the  current trends … Continue reading

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Conference proposals

For the dutch test association, Testnet, I am participating in a session on Presentation skills and how to write a good proposal. While I wait for the skype call, I’ll try to compose a checklist for a good conference proposal. … Continue reading

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Testnet: Hoe maak je een goede proposal en geef je een goede presentatie

Huib Schoots en ik bundelen onze ervaringen en delen onze geheimen: Wil jij ook eens op het podium staan op een TestNet evenement? 12 december 2012, NBC: Workshop goede proposal De call for papers voor het voorjaarsevenement is verzonden. Misschien … Continue reading

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