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You got an issue? Check-it!
I met Daniel Maslyn at the Agile Testings Days, held in Potsdam Germany. Together we settled down in the (empty) pub of the hotel, and I asked him for his opinion. Daniel is a Passionate and Creative test professional. He is known for his energy and enthusiasm which he uses to meet the current challenges of IT in many environments and business domains. Daniel shares his impression of the book: “It’s very pragmatic: You got an issue? Check-it!”

The reality I’ve been in for years
In this video I ask Nienke Alma about her opinion on the book “The waves of Agile”. Nienke is an experienced Agile coach. She co-authored the chapter on Obeya, but now has read the other chapters as well. This is the first part of the interview, where we discuss: “growing as a professional”. Nienke explains that the book made her aware of the reality she has been in for years, and helped her to understand how she developed as an agile coach and remained valuable for her organization.

Talking Solutions
In this video I ask Nienke Alma about her opinion on the book. This is the second part of the interview, where we discuss: refinement. Nieke states that is was an eyeopener to read about the solution-pitch. “That is exactly the point..”, she says, “that you need to make as an Agile coach”.

Agile through the eyes of an tester
In this video I have a conversation with Wendy Bruin about my book “The waves of Agile”. Wendy is an Agile tester with a passion for Agile. She has experience as a scrum master, but read my book through the eyes of a tester. I visited her at her home and she enthusiastically told me why she has the book on her desk as a reference work. The video is in Dutch, but I added a subtitles.

It’s like holding a crystal ball
In this video I ask Mariëlle Roozemond about her opinion on the book “The waves of Agile”. Mariëlle states that outside IT many organizations are starting with agile. “Reading about the 2nd and 3rd wave was like holding a crystal ball.”

Marielle is lecturer at the University of Rotterdam, she is in the board of the agile consortium and chairs the Marcom Consortium. But above she is Agile Coach and I worked with here on several occasions. We met in Rotterdam, in one of the old harbors. Thanks Mariëlle for sharing your opinion.

At the Coffee table with Jan Jaap Cannegieter.
We are discussing the book “the waves of Agile” and Jan Jaap shares what he thinks are the highlights.Jan Jaap Cannegieter has been reading the book. In this video I ask Jan Jaap what he thinks stands out and is most useful to him. Want to know what three topics he has selected? Watch the video…