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It’s a recognition bonanza

In this video I have a conversation with a very open and enthusiastic Wendy Bruin. We talk about my book “The waves of Agile”. “I read quite a lot about agile and encounter a lot of agile practises but, this … Continue reading

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Agile Approaches for Building in Quality

Next month I’ll be giving a talk at the Aginext Conference. In this presentation I will talk about Built-in Quality. Ben Linders did a nice interview with me on the topic. In the interview I explain that Quality awareness needs to … Continue reading

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Interview: 5 questions by Tali Michaeli

Tali Michaeli from Softwaretestingtools.com interviewed me last week. He asked me questions about how got into the profession and challenged me to look 10 year into the future. The questions he asked where: 1. How did you start your way … Continue reading

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Testing Talk – interview by Anthea Whelan of Proffesional Tester

For the June edition of Professional Tester I was interviewed by Anthea Whelan. In the interview I was asked about the Value of testing and how current trends influence the way we operate. She also asked me what things still surprise me. Want … Continue reading

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Improving application security, where to start?

For my column G(r)ood testing 21: Improving application security, where to start? I interviewed Tim Hemel, co-author of the Framework Secure Software that has been launched by the Secure Software foundation. During the interview we discussed security testing and how testers can … Continue reading

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When Agile doesn’t fit

Most of the time I am really enthusiastic about agile, but I notice that some people do not get along with it. In my latest episode of ‘Agile In The Real World‘, I transcribe the interview I had with a … Continue reading

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