Derk-Jan works for Valori: Valori is an independent, privately held knowledge partner that can help you control your IT. With successful practices in the Netherlands, Valori offers tailor-made solutions that form the success of our clients. Our practices include Agile transitions an Coaching, Business Architecture, Testing and test automation and Business Information Services. The Valori Academy offers a broad range of training and coaching programs for both employees and clients.

Valori has been a reputable business partner for more than 25 years. We have knowledge of the different markets, the products and services as well as the supporting processes. In combination with IT and business knowledge, we can add value to our clients and their success.

We focus on our people, as we believe people are crucial for success. Valori employs well-educated, certified and experienced staff and invest in training its employees. With highly trained and professionally experienced staff we deliver value to our clients. Our experts with specific knowledge are able to guide you in solving issues. We have a clear vision on the themes and markets and can see where the opportunities lie.

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