NIMA Mastercourse Agile Marketing Transformation

Together with Marc Nieman, Misha van Hamersveld and Roald Tichelaar and Marielle Roozemond we provide the NIMA Mastercourse Agile Marketing Transformation. How do you give concrete substance to the mindset shift that marketing teams will go through in the coming years to keep their way of work in line with the developments in the organisation and beyond?

This week Marc, Misha. Marielle and Roald hosted day one of the masterclass (see photo).

Next Tuesday I team up with Marielle to do day 2 of the training. I will host a workshop on continues improvement where the marketeers will move away from campaigns that are designed upfront. We will define risk based experiments (or tests if you like to call them) to learn and validate your approach.

Will be fun, I am looking forward to the event.

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Back to Basic? – Presentation on the IPMA Day

Delivering valuable solutions becomes more difficult as organizations grow. The structures of the organization then pose a challenge to the agile way of working: challenges that change as organizations make progress on their Agile journey.

At the IPMA VAKdag Back to Basics on Tuesday 17 November 2022, Derk-Jan de Grood will share his insights on how to deal with this in a flexible way.

Listen to his 2-minute introduction (in dutch) to why this VAKdag session can add value for you!

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Quality time in Copenhagen

QNation organized a breakfast session in the Copenhagen Aquarium and asked me to introduce my book “The waves of Agile”. We were quite pleased with the large amount of people that signed up for the session. We had a full room as well as a lively and interactive session. I talked about agile transformations, the waves of agile and Built-in Quality. My core message was that the nature of the transformation changes as organization progress on their agile journey and that agile coaches, leaders or quality engineers that understand the waves can contribute to a better value delivery and make an impact. Below you find a few pictures of the session. It was great to see you being involved, to meet some of my local friends and answer your questions afterwards.

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Test management in Agile – Full day tutorial on the Agile Testing Days in Chicago

Place: Chicago,

Conference: The Agile Testing Days

Date: June 06, 2022

Jan Jaap Cannegieter and I are thrilled to give our tutorial test management in Agile in real life again. Join us at the Agile Testing Days in Chicago this June…and learn how to be of value as a testmanager, how to create practical test strategies and organise your testing. Whether you are a test co-ordinator, manager or just have the quality focus, we’ll can’t wait to share our experiences and stories. More info can be found on the conference website. Book your seat now!

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Quality time by Qnation in the Copenhagen Aquarium

I am thrilled to be invited to the Quality time session organised by Qnation. The session will be held on a special location, the national aquarium of Denmark. While we look out over the sea, I will tell you about my new book; the waves of agile. I’ll and share his ideas on how to deliver value, explain why working agile is hard when applied in medium and large organizations, but also provide some solutions.

Agile adoption comes in waves, and I am looking forward to provide tips for Agile coaches and leaders and quality ambassadors to combine forces and guide your organization into the next wave of Agile. Are you an agile leader, agile coach or agile tester? Are you interesting to gain more insight in how to adopt the agile way of working and built quality in your product, then attend this seminar?

I heard the room is filled by now, and Qnation had to extended the number of participants already. Maybe there is some place left. Details can be found on the event page

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Podcast Technology Leads

Dutch: In de podcast serie “Technology Leads” praten Tom van de Ven, Rik Marselis en Daniel Laskewitz je bij over nieuwe technologie. Regelmatig nodigen zij gasten uit om hun visie op nieuwe technologie te delen. Ik was te gast bij de heren in hun virtuele studio en we hadden een leuk gesprek over mijn Boek “the waves of Agile”.

Naast het boek bespreken we Introverte vs Extraverte teams, de kennis die je opdoet tijdens het schrijven van een boek en het beland van dingen transparant en bespreekbaar maken. Verder hebben Tom van de Ven , Daniel Laskewitz en Rik Marselis tech nieuwtjes over de James Webb telescoop, Agile for dummies en “maskeraid”.

Dank je wel Tom, Rik en Daniel voor het leuke gesprek! De tijd vloog om. Wil je deze podcast beluisteren, dat kan op spotify of apple podcast, of gebruik deze link om te luisteren:

English: In the podcast series “Technology Leads” Tom van de Ven, Rik Marselis and Daniel Laskewitz talk to you about new technology. They regularly invite guests to share their vision of new technology. I was a guest of the gentlemen in their virtual studio and we had a nice conversation about my book “the waves of Agile”.

In addition to the book, we discuss Introverted vs Extroverted teams, the knowledge you gain while writing a book and the value of making things transparent and open to discussion. Furthermore,  Tom van de Ven , Daniel Laskewitz en Rik Marselis share tech news about the James Webb telescope, Agile for dummies and “masquerade aid”.

Thank you Tom, Rik and Daniel for the nice conversation! Time flew by. If you want to listen to this podcast (in Dutch) , you can do that on spotify or apple podcast, or use this link to listen:

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PODCAST- Moments with MUM

Together with IPMA Lieke Sluis Hoogerwerf and I recorded a second podcast. This episode deals how to deal with the gab between theory and the daily practise that is not aways easy to shape and mold to you liking. How do you get people interested and motivated ? One thing is certain…..a good conversation about what is the team values in the collaboration does wonders!

Samen met IPMA hebben Lieke Sluis Hoogerwerf en ik een tweede podcast opgenomen. In deze aflevering wordt uitgelegd hoe je omgaat met de kloof tussen theorie en de dagelijkse praktijk die niet altijd gemakkelijk te vormen en te kneden is naar jouw smaak. Hoe krijg je mensen geïnteresseerd en gemotiveerd? Een ding is zeker…..Één ding is zeker…..een goed gesprek over wat je belangrijk vindt in de samenwerking doet wonderen!

See the short promo below, or listen to the full podcast (both are in Dutch):

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Aginext Conference 2022 Global

On thursday 28 April I will be speaking on the Aginext Global event. Aginext hosts a community event by and for agile practitioners. This year the conference consist out of two full days:one day fully online and one day fully in person, a sort of anti-hybrid, in order to leverage our two lovely communities. 

I am proud to be contributing with a session on the online event. Check out the schedule on the conference website.

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“We need to understand the scope of this freaky thing.”

Recently I had an interview with Marcella Koopmans about the book “Waves of agile, value delivery in medium and large organizations. Marcella lives in New Zealand and is the head of Agile for her company. She is an Agile enthusiastic and likes to focus on the human aspects of the transformation. In the interview she states that there is a need for a fundamental understanding of the transformation since it impacts a lot of aspects of the organisation: “We need to understand the scope of this freaky thing.”

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Recording a podcast for IPMA

Last week I recorded a new podcast with Lieke Sluis-Hoogerwerf. It’s the sequel to the podcast we did together last year. In the previous podcast we explored how is needed for successful agile transformations and how to get on the same wavelength with each other. This time we discussed how to gain mutual understanding. The first podcast (in Dutch) can be listened to on the ipma site.

For this second podcast we set up the studio and shot some video as well. I don’t know when it will be released, but I can share a nice picture of the set-up… to be continued.

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It’s like a onion: it explains the basics, but you can go a level deeper.

For this video, I got my vintage camera from the attic. Removed the dust, charged the old battery and headed for the city of Leiden. I met Bas Baas and talked with him about my book “The waves of Agile”. Bas is VP of Technology for Royal Brill Publishers. He is an experienced Software Development Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He has read the book through the glasses of his current challenge: “How can I benefit from the book in my current organization?” His conclusion: It’s like a onion, it explains the basics, but you can go a level deeper.

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Surf the “Waves of Agile” and get on the same wavelength

For the IPMA I recorded a podcast with Lieke Sluis-Hoogerwerf. Lieke is an expert in methodologies for high-quality collaboration on complex issues. In this podcast we discuss what is needed for successful agile transformations and how to get on the same wavelength with each other.

Lieke asks me good questions to understand how I work as an agile coach and where the challenges lie if you want to embrace agile as an organization or improve your working method. Included are:
A vocabulary to discuss where you stand in the organization
Translating goals into concrete actions
Lowering the threshold to start
How do you give substance to the working method or role so that it fits your situation and ambition?

The podcast (in Dutch) can be listened to on the ipma site.

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InflectraCon 2020 – Get inspired about what’s on the horizon for technology in 2022 and beyond!

The program of the InflectraCON™ 2022 is announced. And I am proud to be part of it! Set in the heart of the US’ s capital, InflectraCON 2022, is a two-day multi-track conference celebrates all aspects of Software Development, Testing, Agile, DevOps, Cyber, Leadership, and Innovation.

I will contribute with a great story, and hope that together with the other speakers, we will inspire you about what’s on the horizon for technology in 2022 and beyond! Check the line up on the event-page and see who’s there beside Mindy Bohannon, Jennifer Bonine, Ard Kramer and Jeffery Payne.

Join us for an all-out party marking the 16th anniversary of Inflectra and our collective emergence from the pandemic! Be part of the conversation about digital transformation! Network and rekindle friendships with your teammates, fellow technologists, and friends during the end-of-the-conference reception and party!Come to InflectraCON 2022 and join the people like you who are influencing their organization’s growth and the future landscape of Agile and DevOps!

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Agile Advent Calendar

It’s December again. Suddenly I remembered the advents calendar that I published last year. We had online countdown to Christmas. Every day, starting 1 December onwards I shared a tip. Practices that benefit you as Agile coach, Scrum master or Agile practitioner. One year later, these tips still hold value. So, I like to share them with you, one more time. Not one by one, but as a whole set.

For example:

  • Let the team decide what and how they want to improve,
  • Remember things are like they are for a reason,
  • Draw out the customer journey and value flow or,
  • Balance your distributed teams

Read the rest of the tips and their explanation on the Squerist website. The best 16 of them I included in an article that has been published by the Agile Alliance: 16 Tips to Keep Focused on an Agile Journey.

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Vincent Verloop describes his work as Agile Coach

For this video I asked Vincent Verloop to tell me about his work. He invited me in his living-room and told me what he liked about Squerist, the company we both work for.

Vincent enjoys his client assignment from which he gets a lot of satisfaction, but he also enjoys building the agile business unit within Squerist. “Within Squerist you get the space to work on those things that you want to realize.” For Vincent, these are training courses, knowledge sessions and the finding new colleagues,

We are currently looking for Agile Coaches, Scrum masters, Product Owners. If Vincent’s story appeals to you, feel free to contact him, e.g. at his LinkedIn profile. (The video is available in dutch only).

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