G(r)ood testing 23:

Together with colleague Kelvin Geerlings I wrote a Column in which we shared our experiences we had with End-to-End testing in larger agile projects.  This blog deals with the organisation of the End-to-End tests and how you can manage teams to adopt it in the sprints. It was originally published in Dutch, but got some requests for an English version.

You can find the column on the EuroSTAR community pages: G(r)ood testing 23: End-to-End integration in Scaled Agile projects

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The Agile Organization Epic @ Valori Office

Today I sat down with Marja van Solkema to prepare the Agile Holland meet-up of 5 september.

Marja and her colleagues of the scrum coach school will challenge us to discover the characteristics of the ideal agile organisation. We will sit down in groups and exchange our ideas and experiences. The session will be held at our Valori Office in Nieuwegein.

Today I learned the limit of 30 participants has been reached, and there is even a waiting list. So if you did not subscribe yet for the meet-up, you’ll have to wait for the report of this session. Don’t want to wait: Find Marja’s first thoughts on The Agile Organization Epic here (in Dutch):  https://www.scrumcoachschool.com/blogs/

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End-to-end testing in agile projects


Together with colleague Kelvin Geerlings I wrote a (dutch) blogpost in which we shared our experiences we had with End-to-End testing in larger agile projects.  The end-t0-end integration is a difficult challenge for agile teams that are good development teams, but often lack insight in the business processes, the relationships between the systems in the chain and are struggling with inter-team dependencies. Often we see the End-to-End integration being done by a separate team or not at all.

This blog deals with the organisation of the End-to-End tests and how you can manage teams to adopt it in the sprints. Currently it’s only available in Dutch, but if we get enough requests, it will be made available in English soon. You can read the dutch column here: ketenintegratie in scaled agile projecten.

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Testing Talk – interview by Anthea Whelan of Proffesional Tester

For the June edition of Professional Tester I was interviewed by Anthea Whelan. In the interview I was asked about the Value of testing and how current trends influence the way we operate. She also asked me what things still surprise me. Want to know my answer? You can read the Testing Talk Interview in the Professional Tester magazine.


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EuroSTAR webinar: T-shape and π-shaped testers

Last week Jan Jaap Cannegieter and I gave a webinar for EuroSTAR. We had circa a 100 participants that tuned in to learn about survival techniques for testers. In the webinar we shared the results of the workshops that we gave earlier and discussed the specialties that testers can develop to stay in demand as a professional. Jan Jaap and I enjoyed the Q&A afterwards very much. The recorded webinar is available on the EuroSTAR Testhuddle (you can watch it if you log-in to the test huddle or leave your email address).

You can also see the slides below:

In the webinar we refer to two blogposts in which we share the results of the workshops we did. You can read them here:

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The Refinement process; Thinking ahead increases adaptively and the quality of the solution


Refinement is an important element of Scrum. It’s the process where the product backlog items for future sprints are prepared. Experience learns that when development teams get up to steam, the refinement process becomes a new bottleneck. The development team will have an insufficient number of items that comply with the (DoR) and crucial information that is needed to order the backlog is missing. How do you avoid this from happening?

Together with Marcel Schaar I wrote an article for Bits&Chips magazine in which we explain how thinking ahead during refinement increases adaptively and the quality of the solution. You can read the article (sorry in Dutch only) in de article section on this blog


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Successful testing in waterfall projects? Agile goes undercover

Agile goes undercover on the EuroSTAR community pages. [image: www.reverbnation.com]

With Eric van de Mark, I was having a discussion on how we can improve testing when we are working in a traditional waterfall context. Often we can benefit a lot from agile practises, but it’s not always wise to wave the big Agile flag. Read the G(r)ood testing 22 column to learn more about our approach: WINO-Waterfall In Name Only. 

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Train strike? Belgium Testing Days with discount!

Although there may be strikes, road works, security checks, and hailstorms the Belgium Testing Days is going strong. They have an excellent program with speakers such as Julian Harty, Doug Hoffman, Stuart Reid, Isabel Evans, Gil Zilberfeld and Mark Tomlinson.

Why lose a day of work that you can choose to spend strengthening your skills and blowing your network wide open? Join the BTD conference for the very special “Train Strike” price of  100€ per/day on Wednesday and Thursday!

“With this great offer, what’s keeping you from coming to Belgium TA discussions?”, says Mieke Gevers,”the BTD offers more hands-on workshops, Open Spaces, Round Table discussions, and significant networking opportunities than any other IT Quality Conference.”  You can register on the conference website.

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[Webinar] Survival Techniques for Testers: Beyond the T-shaped Tester

The T-shaped tester (Rob Lambert, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory) combines need for general knowledge with advanced test skills to be successful. But testing is a versatile profession and demands are growing. Time to go beyond the T-shape and introduce the π-shaped tester. Extend your global knowledge (development, project management, agile etc) and test skills with yet another specialism to stay in demand, e.g. security, test automation, requirements. In this webinar Jan Jaap and I will report the results of our search for future needs. We will explain how we can survive as a tester and what skills and knowledge de we need to develop. In our story we include the responses we got from the 100 participants that joined the workshops we gave on this topic.

Check the EuroSTAR website for registration and details.

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Integration testing at scaled agile projects

On 25 May the Software-Centric Systems Conference [SC]2 conference was held on the High-tech campus in Eindhoven. During this event I hosted an interactive session where we investigated the relationship between the lever of integration and the time to market. Most organizations aim for Continues Integration and deployment, since they want to deliver their products fast. It takes a lot from organizations to get there (slide 4). To give an example, CI/CD assumes that you integrate frequently. But at what level do organizations integrate, and how do they test it. The graph on slide 9 shows that increasing the system (e.g. from Units tot Systems) results in less frequent integration, because it becomes harder to test the integration.

Making this clear to management enables to manage expectations or helps to target your next improvements. See below the annotated slides:

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Free download of “Bepaal je koers, trends en toekomst in Testen”

Bepaal je koers

After the workshop Survival Techniques for Testers- Beyond the T-shape that I gave last week on the TestNet event, I got a lot of requests for the jubilee book that we (Huib Schoots, Hans van Loenhoud, Derk-Jan de Grood,  Anko Tijman, Pepijn Vorst, Andreas Prins, Jeroen Rosink en Ard Kramer) wrote a few years ago.
In my workshop I referred to the book, because it’s still relevant today. I notice that there is a growing group of testers that want (or need) to re-orientate themselves. I have good news and bad news for those that came to our boot to ask for a copy of the book.

The bad news first, we ran out of copies.
The good news is, you can download the epub (in dutch) for free, just click the button below:

download button

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Scaling Agile with Less

Previously I posted a link to the ASK matrix. This Matrix compares various agile frameworks. I revisited the site and noticed two things.

  1. It has been updated
  2. The content of the matrix means much more to me, after I had the Less  and Nexus training.

The matrix comes alive much more now, since I start to understand Agile Scaling better and better. And the true meaning behind the short descriptions in the matrix are much clearer than they were before.

If you want to know more about Scaling Agile, and live in the Netherlands, the Less training I had might be a good one for you also. Valori and Casario Ramos (from Agilix) are co-operating to deliver the Less training in may and september this year. More for information and registration see the LESS training page.

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Service Virtualization: build your own stub on the TAD

I am glad to announce that Maarten Metselaar and I will collaborate in an interactive workshop on the test automation day. Our session will deal with Service Virtualization.

An important subject since organisations are speeding up, striving for CI more and more. Fast delivery is cool, but it implies automated functional tests that can be run without dependencies on adjacent systems. You cannot test effectively when other systems in the chain are not available, not yet updated or expensive to use. Service virtualization enables to stub these systems in an effective manner and boosts the flexibility of your test execution. In this interactive session we’ll explain the principles and you’ll build your own stub, it’s easily done.

The test automation day will be held in Rotterdam on 23 June, our session starts at 15:50 h. We hope to see you there… You can get detailed info by downloading the conference flyer or on the website.

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Survival techniques for testers, beyond the T-shape tester (part 2)

Last Wednesday (11 May) I gave a tutorial workshop at the testnet spring event. This was the similar workshop that Jan Jaap Cannegieter (see this earlier post for the results of this workshop) and I gave for the EuroSTAR conference last year.  In this wisdom of the crowd session with 60+ test professionals we searched for and defined our future. Main question throughout the workshop was:

How do we survive as a tester and what skills and knowledge de we need to develop.

We used the T-shaped tester (Rob Lambert, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory) that combines need for general knowledge with advanced test skills to be successful. But we thought it was time to expand the model. Therefore we introduced the π-shaped professional. The π-shaped tester extends his global knowledge (development, project management, agile etc.) and test expertise with yet another specialism to stay in demand, e.g. security, test automation, requirements.

In the workshop we did a brainstorm what other specialism will be in future demand. We were astonished by the fast amount of suggestions provided by the group. See the both flip overs they covered below. next we did some dot-voting (see the stickers on the pictures below) to invest how popular the various specialisms were. Most dots go to the items that were rated by the group as a wise investment for the future.

IMG_3675 IMG_3676
Click the photo to enlarge

The most popular specialism were taken as a starting point for a further investigation. Below you’ll find the skills for each leg of the π as determined by the participants.

TestAutomation (group 1 and 2)


IMG_3685 IMG_3686

Interface testing/e2e testing

 IMG_3687 IMG_3689





Riskmanagement /Business analysis (these items were combined by the group)


Non Functional testing


Domain knowledge

IMG_3694 IMG_3695

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Test Automation Day – 23 June 2016

On 23 June the WTC in Rotterdam will host the 6th edition of the Test Automation Day. This unique conference is dedicated to test automation and aims to share insights and experiences of TA practitioners.

All aspects of testing need to continuously improve in quality, speed and efficiency, and this includes test automation. Despite new technologies, strategies and tools, Test Automation is too often not delivering the expected results. Why? Test Automation is about dealing with continuous change while at the same time keeping the balance between the professional, the tool and the process. But how is this best achieved? Find out on June 23rd during the International Platform for IT Management and IT professionals!

You can get detailed info by downloading the conference flyer or on the website.

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