Structure of the book

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The waves of agile book is divided into six parts. The program board below illustrates the structure of the book. The lines indicate the mayor dependencies between the various topics.

Part one describes what brings value to our customer and how this impact our development. We’ll discuss how agile is becoming more of challenge if we apply it in medium and large-scale organizations. Part one also introduces some development practices that are used throughout the book. In Part two I’ll discuss the agile journey. What needs to be considered to make a success of your transformation and what do organization encounter on their agile journey. In part 3 we’ll have a look at how agile coaching is changing accordingly. We’ll look at how the role of the agile coach is evolving and how agile coaches can support the leadership team. Role clarity is an important to optimize the value delivery as it an effective change process. Parts 4 and 5 provide practical tips to improve these. Part 6 is about Built-in Quality; I describe how we can create a mechanism to continuously improve the quality of the development lifecycle and how this contributes to keeping the customer satisfied.