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Beyond the T-shape: The Broken Comb

In response to my previous post, John Stevenson kindly pointed me toward an article by Brittany Hunter, who claims to be a poly-skilled software designer. Does she adopt the T-shape? In her article on the broken comb she explains why this model … Continue reading

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Move beyond the T-shape

Rob Lambert, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory worked on a great model called the T-shaped tester. Where the horizontal stands for our generic skills and competences. The vertical in the T describes our specialism. In my previous column – G(r)ood testing 16 – … Continue reading

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SSTC – Coming soon

This October I’ll be flying towards Seoul for the Seoul Software Testing Conference. I found the online billboard with the speaker line-up. Mette Bruhn-Pedersen, Kelvin Ross, Debra Friedenberg, Wonil Kwon are with me on the program. I’ll take on the … Continue reading

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Suggested Read: DevOps

While preparing a presentation for a customer I stumbled upon a nice blogpost the Agile Admin. The agile admin is written by Ernest Mueller, James Wickett, Karthik Gaekwad, and Peco Karayanev. The post presents a definition of DevOps, and I think I … Continue reading

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AgileHubNoord: Session on scaling agile with Anko Tijman

On 1 september the AgileHubNoord organised a session on Scaling Agile. During the meeting Anko Tijman gave the presentation that we (Anko, Cesario Ramos and I) did during the testnet event last spring. Reading the comments on the event page  the … Continue reading

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