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Derk-Jan is an experienced and passionate Trainer, workshop and game leader. He always puts a lot of effort in getting his message across. His training style is open, informal and interactive. He likes to paint the whole picture, but is not scared to go into technical detail if that is required to make the tips and theory applicable in daily practice.

He  creates a friendly atmosphere where people are free to make mistakes and be themselves. This enables him to challenge the participants and try new things.  He find this important because each training, workshop or game should be both educational and fun.

Currently Derk-Jan is involved in the following trainings, workshops and games:

The DevOpsImprovement Game
DevOps teams have to balance their work between three types of tasks. Development, Operational tasks and Improvements. Many DevOps teams (and that includes the PO) are struggling with balancing between the three types of work. Often Ops work uses up much of the time reducing the adaptivity of the business, while other teams focus heavily on new features and create too much technical debt.

To get a feel about this challenge we created a serious game, called the DevOpsImprovement Game. In this game teams experience how to have a maximum of business value in a sustainable way without ignoring operational responsibilities.

The PO Game
At Valori we developed a new serious game. Previous we had only the SCRUM battle, which gives delegates insight in the SCRUM process. It is a great success, but we missed a good interactive way to learn Product Owners, Stakeholders, Business managers and Developers what the Product Owner role really means. Therefore we created the PO Game. This game workshop lets you experience the work of the product Owner. While working on a realistic case you learn the two faces of the PO, who is facing both the business and the development teams. Learn in a relaxed and informal setting how you can translate a product vision into an Epic planning, learn how to prioritize and schedule the release and work together with the SCRUM teams. Finally you learn how to evaluate the business release against the product vision.

More information can be found on
There is also a dutch version of the trailer.

Scrum battle
In the SCRUM Battle teams battle against each other. Winner is the SCRUM team that completes the most stories. In the SCRUM battle participants experience working in multidisciplinary teams and during the three sprints they learn all of the SCRUM principles. The battle is high active and high energy and the teams rarely sit down as they strive to complete their tasks.

The SCRUM battle is an ideal way to introduce the SCRUM way of working in an engaging way. The SCRUM battle is a simulation game in which 2-40 teams experience how to work in an Agile team. It has been designed to introduce SCRUM to stakeholders from e.g. the business, operational, management or Sales. But is also helps developers and testers to get a good feel about SCRUM.

Bits&Chips magazine published an article about the training: to SCRUM or not to SCRUM, Game simulation provides insight


Certified SCRUM master

The SCRUM battle can be embedded in a full day training that prepares for the CSM-1 exam. In this extended training participants become more aware of their role and responsibilities as SCRUM master and get a good feel in the SCRUM dynamics. The training includes Role-playing, practical and case exercises and exam training.

Kanban game
Valori developed a Kanban simulation game. With this board game you experience the power of flow and learn the principles of lean and kanban. Below impressions of two of game session:

Presenteren? Alles Mag! (Giving a presentation?, anything goes!)
Based on the book with the same name, Derk-Jan and his Co-trainer Jan Iedema provide interactive training sessions and lectures on presentation techniques. The training helps (IT and non-IT) professionals to get their message across and reduce their fear for speaking for a group.

Lean experience
For special occasions (e.g. reorganisation, teammeetings or department day out) we like to organise lean/kanban experiences. These sessions are tailor made for our clients and enable the participant to undergo the Lean and Kanban principles. The kanban game is a board game. For the lean experience we leave the board and experience flow in real live.

Below a impression of a session that we provided  for ca. 100 participants.

Test techniques and design
Based upon the TestGoal book participants get insight and handson experience in creating effective testcases. The training is a “hands-on” full day workshop in which you’ll be
taught the major success criteria for getting more out of your testing using test
design techniques. During the training you will learn:

  • How to select the right test design techniques
  • How to apply test design techniques in real-world situations
  • How to embed the test case design techniques your test design
  • Alternative solutions for differentiating test effort

Increase your visibility
Testers need to show their added value. While the test process relies in other parties in the organization, many test teams struggle with their visibility. This training enables teams to work on their visibility. A better visibility makes that testers and test teams get commitment and appreciation for their work. Ever had problems with improving the specification, ever felt resistance when you asked the user organization to perform UAT, Does your business stakeholder hide behind his busy dairy. Proper visibility helps to get to get the other parties involved. And last but not least it makes the stakeholders aware of the true added value your profession has for the organization. In this highly interactive training team become aware of how they are perceived as person, professional and team. Using Mind-maps, Force-field analysis, Soap-box exercises and wish-list we create awareness and provide tools to start working on the teams presence and perceived added value. See also a report on the valori website.


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