But who is testing the spreadsheets?

My new column, G(r)ood testing 4, is available on the EuroSTAR community pages. This months topic deals with the quality and usage of spreadsheets. It is inspired by Felienne Hermans who did great work on this topic.

I made a small video trailer to go along with the publication. It introduces the topic. All it takes is 49 seconds and based upon it, you can decide if you want to invest more time and read the column.


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What a day…

Yesterday the Dutch testing conference was held. I spoke with a lot of people, got some new ideas and exchanged experiences. My Colleague Egbert Bouman was nominated for the DTC excellence award and I got to do a nice presentation wit Ard Kramer. The room was full, with people standing in the back. But they kept smiling throughout the presentation.


Ard and I discussed the approach we took in implementing Test Automation at Delta Lloyd. Earlier that day I heard a test-expert claim to have a wide experience in test automation. He referred to various tools and test types he had been involved in. A nice contrast, because in our presentation we conclude that for the successful implementation, we reduced our focus on the tools. Rather than discussing tool selections, whether to use Selenium of QTP. We learned to have a lean process and got more eye for the people instead…they determine the success in great extend.

In this experience story, we shared some of the success and the pitfalls. If you want to learn more, check the slides below:

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Network testing, the devil is in the combination

Three months ago the Dutch Testnet Association performed a live network test. Members were asked to contribute and bring in topic and test ideas. During the debriefing session participants explained their test results to the owner of the venue (and the owner of the network). During this debriefing something nice happened, we started to combine several findings into scenario’s. This made quite some impact. Although all the observations were legitimate findings, stacking them lead to situations that really needed prevention.

I wrote an impression of the event for the TestNet Nieuws, and while writing came to the conclusion that the devil is in de combination. This inspired me to write a column about the same topic. It is published in the Bits & Chips magazine. Both are on-line now (in Dutch):

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6th world conference on software quality

The agenda of the 6th WCSQ is online now: http://www.wcsq6.com/

I am glad to be invited for a talk on mobile testing. Dutch friends Rik Marselis (Sogeti) and Jan Jaap Cannegieter (SYSQA) will present as well. Other familiar names on the program: Tom Gilb, Paul Gerrard, Andreas Spillner, Mike Jarred Graham Bath, Dorothy Graham. But special for his year’s line-up is the representation by Japan, which is quite extensive. To be honest, I do not have a good insight in the Japanese testing market. I expect them to emphasize different aspects, so I am looking forward to expanding my horizon.

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BTD2014 or YouTube and Slideshare Merge

Today I uploaded the slides from my presentation on the Belgium Testing Days.

I was positively surprised by the new feature to add Youtube videos to the slide-pack. Is it new? I did not see it before.  In my presentation I made reference to a movie I posted. In this movie I apply the techniques classification model while testing a mobile app. I added it to the slide pack, and I believe it makes the story more complete, and the slide pack more lively. You can check it below:

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The Role of the Test Manager – It depends

My new column in the series “G(r)ood testing” is online now on the EuroSTAR community pages.

It deals with the role of the test manager. I made a small video trailer to go along with the publication, so you know what it is about. All it takes is 36 seconds and based upon it, you can decide if you want to invest more time and read the column.

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CAT: Looking for enthusiastic testers that want to learn Agile

After an inspiring training week in February, I am glad to announce that Valori will run the Certified Agile Tester training again in May. The training will be just as interactive and instructive as the first (Check for yourself and watch the video).

After the training you can define your testing role in agile projects. Not only in theory, because we will bring the theory into practise. You’ll experience what it is like to work in agile teams, and define your own style. Because you actually gain hand-on experience, you will soon have an excellent position to make suggestions in your team and give them examples. Because the participants told us that the training and preparation for the CAT exam was demanding, we have changed the schedule of the training.  The next training is spread over two weeks, so you will have more time to prepare for the exam and the training interferes less with your daily job.

Are you interested? Egbert Bouman and I are looking for enthusiastic testers who like to start an small apprenticeship and go homeward bound as a certified as agile tester

The training will be held on 15, 16 , 21 and 22 May
The CAT practice and theory exam will take place on May 23
The training and exam is accredited by iSQI who takes care of international recognition of the certificate.  Location: Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

Do you want to know more, read the column I wrote for the Bits&Chips magazine (in Dutch), watch the video impression or look at the Valori website. If you prefere a dialoque … do not hesitate to contact Egbert or me.

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Mobile Testing – the relation between tests, business goals and design considerations

Last week I presented a webinar on mobile testing. It was received with great interest and more than 160 joined me in the virtual presentation.  The full recording can be found on the EuroSTAR community pages and has some very interesting Q&A at the end. It made me realize that Mobile is a lively topic and many participants were eager for more information on the topic.

Unfortunately the Webcam is missing from this recording, so I you like to see me speak while you listen, you might like the video below also. It is the rehearsal video I made one day prior to the event. It is slightly shorter than the live recording (only 29 minutes), it misses the Q&A, but has the webcam.

Summary of the webinar: Testing Mobile requires technical tests that align with both the business goals, and the design considerations made by development team. Due to the small size of app projects, tester can fulfill an important role in keeping overview, guiding the business and of course executing the right tests. This presentation will explain what can be tested on an app and adds the relation with the initial goals and design

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Belgium Testing Days

It’s only a few weeks from now and Bruges will be the stage for the Belgium Testing Days. On 17 March the conference will Kick-off with some tutorials, followed by 3 Days of traks and interactive sessions. I am glad to contribute to the program as a speaker and invite you to join one of the sessions I am invoved in:

  Enrich your Toolbox: Gain efficiency with the right techniques, tools & methods.
We testers need to improve the efficiency and quality of our work. Enriching our toolkit with better techniques, tools and methods will help us to do so. Since the traditional test design techniques are quite powerful, our quest for new techniques should focus on those that helps us to be more efficient in an agile context.

Read the full description on the conference website

  Interactive Session On Test Automation
Dorothy Graham will host an interactive Session On Test Automation together with, Lisa Crispin, Bjorn Boisschot, Gil Zilberfeld and Derk-Jan de Grood. In this interactive session, we will look at the most important topics in test automation today. What are the top three things you can do that will “tip the balance” towards success? What are the top three pitfalls you should avoid in test automation?

Read the full description on the conference website

  Leadership and Problem Solving Aspects
Together with Fiona Charles, Huib Schoots and Jean-Paul Varwijk, we will challenge participants to solve their testing problems and show their leadership. Using 4 personae of testers, you will learn about your own preferences, alternative ways to look at your problems and how to collaborate with your fellow testers.

Read the full description on the conference website

Hope to meet you there…

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Presenting in English

Yesterday Jan Iedema and I gave presentation training for the NGO in the Hague. Normally we provide this training in Dutch (since our book is also in Dutch), but for the occasion we upgraded the slide-pack to English. As we were at it, we extended our story to a wider variance of communication. So rather than giving presentations, we discussed social media strategies, gift-wrapping your message, blogs and facebook communications also. I believed all (including Jan and Me) had a good and stimulating good time.

Training "Presenting? Anything Goes!" at the NGO

Training “Presenting? Anything Goes!” at the NGO

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